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Consorting With Spirits: Your Guide to Working with Invisible Allies

Author: Jason Miller Foreword: Mat Auryn Spirits have power and knowledge. Learn how to summon, communicate, and negotiate with the… Read More

Llewellyn Marks 120 Years of Publishing – Publishers Weekly

Scott Cunningham, Llewellyn, Raymond Buckland

Publisher's Weekly did an article on my publisher Llewellyn's history and success and they mentioned my book among legendary witchcraft… Read More

Pure Magic: A Complete Course In Spellcasting

Author: Judika Illes Foreword: Mat Auryn A friendly and practical guide to spellcasting from one of today’s most trusted and… Read More

What Does It Mean if You Dream About Being Pregnant? – Cosmopolitan

Cosmo Cosmopolitan Dreams Pregnancy Interpretation Mat Auryn

I was interviewed by Cosmopolitan on the topic of pregnancy dreams and dream interpretations. "Spoiler: You are psychic—but not in… Read More

Review: Do I Have To Wear Black?

Do I Have to Wear Black?: Rituals, Customs & Funerary Etiquette for Modern Pagans by Mortellus is a highly uncommon… Read More

The Titanic Women of Llewellyn

Publishers Weekly recently did an amazing overview of the history of Llewellyn’ as the oldest independently owned occult publishing company… Read More

Review: The Four Elements of the Wise

Most books on the subject of the elements provide only a superficial understanding of these forces that serve as a… Read More

Review: A Kitchen Witch’s Guide to Recipes for Love & Romance

When I  think of Kitchen Witches, Dawn Aurora Hunt is the person who comes to my mind first. She is… Read More

Becoming A Part of Witch History At The Buckland Museum

Last year I was asked by The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick to donate something, being told that it was their… Read More

Review: Liber Kthonia

Jeff Cullen is one of those individuals who seems to have a Midas Touch, and I equate his name with… Read More