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Templefest 2024 – August 30 – September 2 – Charlton, MA

Templefest 2024, Mat Auryn, Temple Of Witchcraft

Tarot Spirit Guides & The Angel of the Tarot

This session weaves together the exploration of personal tarot spirit guides with the study of HRU, the Great Angel of the tarot in Hermetic and Thelemic traditions. You’ll learn how to connect with and harness the wisdom of your personal guides, enhancing the psychic accuracy of your readings. Elevate your tarot skills to a new level of clarity and intuition! Ideal for those with some tarot experience, as it will not go over the basics of card meanings or how to read tarot.

Scrying the Tarot

Tailored for both beginners and seasoned tarot enthusiasts, this interactive session requires no prior knowledge of tarot reading. You’ll be guided through the ancient technique of scrying, learning to unlock clairvoyant messages and visions within the cards. Mat will teach you to focus your gaze and psychism, which can be used on its own or incorporated into your regular tarot readings. Please bring your own tarot deck, as personal interaction with your cards is crucial for this transformative experience.

Mat Auryn is an accomplished and award-winning author known for his best-selling books. Mat is a Bay Area-based Witch and Occult teacher, with experience as an initiate of multiple Witchcraft traditions and esoteric orders. He is the author of Psychic Witch (2020), Mastering Magick (2022), The Psychic Art of Tarot (2024) and co-author of the forthcoming Pisces Witch with Ivo Dominguez Jr. (2024).

Register At: TempleFest.TempleOfWitchcraft.org

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