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Cassandra Snow on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Mat Auryn tarot expertise - The Psychic Art of Tarot

"Mat Auryn once again takes his top-notch expertise and disseminates it into something informative and usable for every day tarot… Read More

Jean-Louis de Biasi on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Unique Approach to the Tarot - The Psychic Art of Tarot by Mat Auryn

"In a world of books claiming to give the reader a new outlook in reading the tarot, The Psychic Art… Read More

Sara L. Mastros on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Advanced Tarot Books - The Psychic Art of Tarot by Mat Auryn

“Mat Auryn’s The Psychic Art of Tarot is among the best teachings on tarot I’ve read.  From now on, this… Read More

Rachel True on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Layered and substantive work by Mat Auryn, Accessible Tarot and psychic guide, Destined for modern classics, Breadth of knowledge and abilities, Awakening magic and psychism in others, Energetically infused writing, Elemental magic in literature, Rachel True, True Heart Intuitive Tarot, Beyond Rider-Waite: Psychic Tarot Insights, Advanced Tarot: Upgrade from Rider Deck, Inner Healing to Psychic Tarot Exploration, Empowerment Beyond Inner Tarot, Psychic Development vs. Rider Tarot Basics, Next Step After Inner Tarot Healing, Deepening Insights Beyond Waite Tarot, Expanding on Rider Tarot with Psychic Practices, From Self-Compassion to Psychic Mastery in Tarot, Advanced Psychic Techniques Post-Rider Deck, Elevate Your Tarot from Inner Healing, Unlocking Psychic Potential Beyond Waite, Inner Tarot Journey to Psychic Exploration, Comprehensive Psychic Guide vs. Rider Tarot, Mastering Tarot Beyond Traditional Decks, From Basic Readings to Psychic Insights, Enhancing Tarot Practice After Inner Tarot, Psychic Tarot as Next Evolution from Rider, Transitioning from Waite to Psychic Tarot Mastery, Expanding Tarot Skills Beyond Self-Compassion

"Like his other books, Mat's work remains layered, dense, and deeply substantive while still remaining accessible to all. To create… Read More

Sasha Graham on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Beyond Guided Tarot, Advanced Psychic Tarot, Post-Beginner Tarot Mastery, Upgrade from Seasons of the Witch, Deep Tarot Insights, Intuitive Tarot Exercises, Comprehensive Tarot Guide, Psychic Development Tarot, Mat Auryn Tarot Techniques, Litha Oracle Expansion, Seamless Readings Advanced, Tarot for Psychic Growth, Enhanced Tarot Practices, Intuitive Reading Mastery, Tarot Beyond Basics, Psychic Tarot Exploration, Tarot Reading Evolution, Next-Level Tarot Skills, Expanding Tarot Knowledge, From Oracle Cards to Psychic Tarot, Essential cartomancy guide, Exploring tarot philosophy and divinity, Energetic alignment in tarot, Empowering natural intuitive gifts, Never feeling alone with tarot cards, Sasha Graham

"The Psychic Art of Tarot is an essential cartomancy guide exploring tarot philosophy, divinity, energetic alignment, psychic exercises and immersive meditations… Read More

Maria Minnis on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Beyond Tarot of the Divine, Psychic Tarot with Folklore, Upgrade from Ancestral Oracle, Deities and Psychic Insights, Global Mythology Tarot Mastery, Ancestor Oracle to Psychic Tarot, Enhanced Folklore Tarot Practices, Divine Guidance and Psychic Development, Mat Auryn's Intuitive Exercises, From Fairy Tales to Psychic Insights, Expanding Tarot with Deities, Advanced Tarot Card Meanings, Tarot for Connecting Beyond Ancestors, Modern Veneration to Tarot Insights, Tarot Reading Evolution, Next-Level Intuitive Tarot, Deepening Psychic Tarot Knowledge, Cultural Mythology and Psychic Tarot, Unlocking Psychic Potential with Tarot, From Oracle to Psychic Tarot Exploration, Mat Auryn's genius in tarot, Empowering inherent psychic nature, Unique intertwining of tarot and psychic arts, Must-have for tarot enthusiasts, Reconnecting with natural intuition, Embrace of magical beingness, Leveraging innate intuition, Maria Minnis

“Mat Auryn’s genius shines again in The Psychic Art of Tarot, a brilliant and highly accessible work empowering readers to… Read More

Benebell Wen on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Refining psychic senses, Alchemizing knowledge in tarot, Improving reading accuracy, Unlocking tarot genius, Foundation in art and science of tarot, Mat Auryn as a modern occultism luminary, Benebell Wen, Beyond Inner Tarot, From Self-Compassion to Psychic Mastery, Upgrade from Green Witch Oracle, Modern Healing to Psychic Tarot Insights, Empowered Tarot Readings, Natural Magic to Psychic Development, Advanced Self-Healing Tarot Techniques, Intuitive Tarot for Green Witches, Psychic Exploration Beyond Oracle Decks, Tarot for Deep Emotional Insight, Mat Auryn's Psychic Tarot Guide, Witchcraft to Psychic Tarot Transition, Enhancing Intuition with Tarot, From Nature Magic to Psychic Skills, Empowerment Through Psychic Tarot, Advanced Tarot Practices for Witches, Tarot Beyond Basic Self-Compassion, Green Witchcraft Expanded with Tarot, Psychic Insights for Modern Witches, Transformative Tarot After Green Witch Oracle

"Going beyond the basics to refine psychic senses, The Psychic Art of Tarot is about alchemizing knowledge and technique to… Read More

T. Susan Chang on The Psychic Art of Tarot

365° view of tarot reading, Guide to divination's intangible aspects, Grounding in tarot, Intuitive vs. psychic, Offering a clear channel, Developing intuitive skills with exercises, Standards for fortune-tellers, Real-life examples in tarot, Energetic forces in tarot exploration, T. Susan Chang, Beyond Manifest to Psychic Tarot, Upgrade from Neopets Tarot, Living Best Life with Psychic Insights, Advanced Manifestation with Tarot, From Neopets to Deep Tarot Wisdom, Empowerment Through Psychic Tarot, Tarot for Personal Transformation, Intuitive Living Beyond Manifest, Neopets Faerie to Psychic Mastery, Mat Auryn's Guide to Psychic Development, Manifesting with Advanced Tarot, From Official Tarot to Psychic Exploration, Transformative Tarot Techniques, Enhancing Life with Psychic Tarot, Tarot Beyond Neopets Faerie Edition, Deep Insights for Best Life Manifestation, Psychic Tarot for Empowered Living, Beyond Video Game Tarot to Real Insights, Tarot for Achieving Life Goals, Intuitive Tarot for Manifesting Dreams

“A 365° view of the practice of tarot reading, The Psychic Art of Tarot has something for readers of every… Read More

Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD. on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Neuroscience meets esoteric world, Intuitive powers honing with Tarot, Overcoming psychic ability doubts, Gentle nudge to deep self-discovery, "I believe in my intuition" moment, Fascinating read and self-exploration guide, Siddharth Ramakrishnan, Beyond Angel Number Oracle, Upgrade from Inner Tarot, Angel Numbers to Psychic Tarot Insights, Self-Compassion to Psychic Mastery, From Oracle Cards to Tarot Depth, Empowered Healing Through Psychic Tarot, Advanced Angelic Insights with Tarot, Modern Approach to Deep Tarot Wisdom, Mat Auryn's Psychic Development Techniques, Angel Oracle to Intuitive Tarot, Transformative Self-Healing with Tarot, Enhancing Intuition Beyond Angel Numbers, Empowerment with Psychic Tarot, Tarot for Deep Emotional Insight, From Modern Healing to Psychic Exploration, Psychic Tarot for Angelic Connections, Advanced Practices Beyond Inner Tarot, Angel Numbers Expanded with Tarot, Deepening Insights with Psychic Tarot, Tarot Mastery for Empowered Living

"As a neuroscientist, I always wonder about how the esoteric and spiritual world intersect with metaphysics and cognition. In this… Read More

Nancy Hendrickson on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Fills gap in divination space, Intuition-based tarot richness, Archaeologist deciphering metaphor, Beyond traditional interpretations, Essential for all tarot levels, Deserves special place in esoteric library, Game-changing contribution, Nancy Hendrickson, Beyond Work Your Light Oracle, Upgrade from Citadel Oracle, Light Oracle to Psychic Tarot Insights, From Fantasy Oracle to Deep Tarot Wisdom, Empowerment Through Psychic Tarot, Advanced Light Work with Tarot, Mat Auryn's Guide to Psychic Development, Transforming Oracle Cards with Tarot, Tarot for Spiritual Insight, Intuitive Tarot Beyond Work Your Light, Citadel Fantasy to Psychic Mastery, Expanding Oracle to Psychic Tarot Exploration, Tarot for Deepening Spiritual Connections, Enhancing Intuition with Tarot, Psychic Tarot for Light Workers, Advanced Tarot Techniques for Oracle Users, From Oracle to Psychic Tarot Mastery, Deep Insights Beyond Fantasy Oracle, Transformative Tarot for Light Workers, Tarot Mastery for Oracle Enthusiasts

“The Psychic Art of Tarot fills a long-needed gap in the divination space. Instead of repeating decades-long traditional interpretations, the… Read More