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Skye Alexander on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Everyone has psychic potential, Tarot as a psychic art, Strengthening intuition with tarot, Receiving divine guidance, Deepening oracle relationship for better readings, Self-relationship enhancement, Original tarot spreads and exercises, Combining psychic arts with tarot, Witchcraft and magick knowledge enriching tarot, Clear and engaging writing style, Essential for seasoned tarot enthusiasts, Skye Alexander

“Everyone is psychic, although most of us don’t use our psychic ability as fully as we could. The tarot, as… Read More

Ciro Marchetti on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Mat Auryn's new Tarot literature, Intimate narrative style, Historical and personal anecdotes blend, Practical insights for card reading, Elevating tarot reading essence, Tarot chambers for arcanas concept, Eloquent descriptions by Mat, Depth and application in tarot, Regret for late discovery, Ciro Marchetti

“Mat Auryn’s The Psychic Art of Tarot, stands as a wonderful new offering in the genre of Tarot literature. Written… Read More

Ailynn Halvorson on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Expanding tarot to spirit world connection, Personal psychic abilities enhancement, Never-ending tarot learning and self-discovery, Importance of traditional card meanings, Opening to supportive energies, Endless possibilities with tarot exercises, Personal spiritual connections, Discovering inner knowledge chambers, Transition to psychic tarot reader, Mat Auryn's personal transformation stories, Invaluable exercises and stories, Personal and understandable writing style, Anticipation for The Psychic Art of Tarot, Ailynn Halvorson

“In his book The Psychic Art of Tarot, Mat Auryn expands the world of the tarot from the mundane earthly… Read More

Melanie Barnum on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Mat Auryn's definitive book, Wordsmith capabilities, Clear explanations for all levels, Enhancing tarot with psychic abilities, Exercises for natural and developed gifts, Heightening awareness and proficiency, Respectful and appreciative tone, Tips for professional psychics, Potential best-seller by Mat, Melanie Barnum

“If you only read one of Mat’s books, let this be the one, though I’m confident you won’t stop here… Read More

Ethony Dawn on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Deeper tarot connection, Mat Auryn's guidance, Insightful psychic work foundations, Essential exercises for tarot enhancement, Developing psychic abilities with cards, Recommended for tarot readers, Ethony Dawn

“The Psychic Art of Tarot gives all tarot enthusiasts a deeper, more profound connection with the tarot. Mat Auryn guides… Read More

Chris Onareo on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Remarkable integration of Tarot and Psychic abilities, Mat Auryn's expertise in Tarot techniques, Tarot Inner Temple exploration, Working with Tarot Spirit Guide, Tarot Mediumship practices, "What this can look like" sections for practical guidance, Informative and enjoyable reading, Contribution to Tarot and psychic development fields, Guide to becoming a Psychic Tarot Reader, Chris Onareo

“Mat Auryn has accomplished a quite remarkable task with The Psychic Art of Tarot. He has seamlessly woven together two… Read More

Meg Jones Wall on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Generous guide to tarot and divination, Exploring psychic abilities, Practical exercises for skilled psychics, Support for developing psychic skills, Expansive definitions and exercises, Delightful real-life tarot examples, Essential for serious tarot readers, Meg Jones Wall

“The Psychic Art of Tarot is a generous, thorough, and welcoming guide to using tarot and other divination tools to… Read More

Deborah Blake on The Psychic Art of Tarot

25 years of tarot reading experience, Own tarot deck creator endorsement, The Psychic Art of Tarot anticipation, Exercises and new perspectives on cards, Empowering tarot use suggestions, Accessible and practical writing by Mat Auryn, Must-have for deep tarot connection, Tarot improvement for personal lives, Highly recommended by Deborah Blake, Deborah Blake

“I have been reading tarot professionally for over twenty-five years, and even have my own deck, so when I tell… Read More

Jaymi Elford on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Mat Auryn tarot practice enhancement, Beyond basic card meanings, Developing clair-abilities for tarot, Exercises for tarot skills, Spreads and personal stories in tarot, Beginner to advanced tarot topics, Supercharge divination practice, Psychic exploration in tarot, Jaymi Elford

“In The Psychic Art of Tarot, Mat Auryn leads readers seeking to enhance their tarot practice beyond basic card meanings… Read More

Astrea Taylor on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Mat Auryn's professional insights, Techniques in tarot and psychic abilities, Insightful exercises for intuition, Strengthening intuition and psychic abilities, Solutions for common tarot problems, Real-life stories in tarot, Best book on tarot, Empowering tarot reading, Tarot reading with intuition and confidence, Astrea Taylor

“In The Psychic Art of Tarot, Mat Auryn generously shares techniques and wisdom from his years as a professional tarot… Read More