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T. Susan Chang on The Psychic Art of Tarot

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“A 365° view of the practice of tarot reading, The Psychic Art of Tarot has something for readers of every level.. First and foremost, it’s a guide to the intangible aspects of divination: how do I ground myself? What’s the difference between “intuitive” and “psychic”? How do I offer a clear channel and avoid projection? and of course, am I psychic enough to do this? to which the answer is—spoiler alert!—an unqualified Yes. Auryn also offers a wealth of card-based exercises for developing your intuitive chops, thoughtful standards and best practices for fortune-tellers, and fascinating real-life examples that take the reader out of abstract theory and right into the place between the realms where tarot takes place. Highly recommended for those seeking to know more about the energetic forces in play in and around tarot!”

T. Susan Chang, author of The Living Tarot and Tarot Correspondences

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