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​Magick For All; Witchery From Nothing (Video)

My streaming presentation at Pagan Unity Festival 2020. In this discussion, Mat Auryn explains why the world needs more magickal… Read More

Witchcraft Without Tools (Video)

Mat Auryn discusses Witchcraft Without Tools, and the importance of developing your inherent psychic skills at Llewellyn's very first LlewellynCon2020… Read More

Spirit Guide Oil (Patreon Exclusive)

Here's my favorite spirit guide oil. You can use it to dress your candles to petition the contact and aid… Read More

The Walk of Blessings (Patreon Exclusive)

This is a walking meditation and energy exercise that I've been doing for well over a decade. It's insanely simple… Read More

Clarification on Preliminary Focus (Video)

Recently Temperance Alden asked me to make a video reading and discussing an exercise in my book. So, I decided… Read More

The Mind Unleashed (Video)

My streaming presentation at Phenomenacon 2020. Organized and hosted by Greg & Dana Newkirk of The Traveling Museum of the… Read More

The Energetic Elixir of Emotional Trasmutation (Patreon Exclusive)

This is my version of the Kala rite. I originally learned the Kala rite from Storm Faerywolf , who teaches… Read More

Enhancing Smoke Offerings To Spirits (Patreon Exclusive)

For this technique I wanted to expand a bit on the exercise (#76 - Boosting Offerings) in my book Psychic… Read More

Career Crown Spell For Success (Patreon Exclusive)

This is a spell that will help you to achieve career success in your field. For this spell you will… Read More

Fehu Runic Tarot Spread (Patreon Exclusive)

Since he mentioned Fehu as an example, Lonnie Scott has provided a special tarot spread and his method of working… Read More