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Mat Auryn and Rachel True Dive Deep into ‘The Psychic Art of Tarot’ on Instagram Live”

Mat Auryn and Rachel True engaging in an insightful Instagram Live conversation about 'The Psychic Art of Tarot,'

I recently had the joy of joining my friend Rachel True on her Instagram Live to talk about my upcoming book, The Psychic Art of Tarot, for which she graciously wrote the foreword. Rachel True is an incredibly talented actress and tarot practitioner, widely recognized for her role in the cult classic film “The Craft.” Beyond her acting career, Rachel has deeply explored the world of tarot, sharing her insights and wisdom through readings and her own work in the field. She’s the author behind the amazing True Heart Intuitive Tarot. It was a pleasure to discuss the nuances of tarot and psychic development with someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Rachel.

You can watch our LiveSteam by clicking here.