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Mat Auryn on Love, Lust, and Magick With Gabriela Herstik

Gabriela Herstik, Mat Auryn, Going Full Psychic, Love, Lust, Magick, Podcast, Interview

After making it through the fire of the Aries Solar Eclipse, anyone else need a little healing? This week’s episode of “Love, Lust & Magick” is just that, as we are joined by prolific author, psychic, and Pisces Witch Mat Auryn. In this episode, Mat shares his magick origin story with Gabriela, spilling on how 90’s witchcraft media influenced him, how the first spell he cast really worked, and why he was so intentional about finally claiming the title of witch. Mat and Gabriela then discuss Mat’s legendary books and his newest- “Psychic Art of Tarot.” Mat dishes on what it means to read tarot as a psychic witch, the difference between psychic senses and intuition, and what makes this book different than the standard tarot text. The episode ends with playing “f*ck, marry, kill” with the tarot deck, and it’s probably not what you expect! If you’re looking to connect more deeply to your psychic abilities and magick this season, then we know you’ll enjoy this episode.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here, or anywhere you listen to podcasts such as Apple or Spotify.

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