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Mat Auryn, Rachel True, Mary K. Greer, Tarot, BTS, Archetypes, Carl Jung

In this episode of THE CIRCLE IS podCAST, Rachel True and Mat Auryn welcome the legendary tarot scholar and pioneer Mary K. Greer for an engaging chat. They dive into how the tarot community has evolved since the 80s, hear about Mary’s tarot journey inspired by her grandmother, and laugh over her most awkward readings. They discuss her significant impact on tarot, explore archetypes, and get Mary’s advice on navigating Jungian concepts in today’s world. Plus, Mary reveals her rarest tarot deck in her collection. And, of course, no conversation with Mary is complete without talking about her love for K-Pop group BTS. Tune in for an episode packed with wisdom, humor, and a sprinkle of K-Pop magic!

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Upcoming Events With Mary K. Greer:

July 21 – The Tarot Archetypes: BTS and Tarot

Aug. 5-9 – Wisdom of Tarot workshop at the OMEGA Institute, Rhinebeck, NY,

Aug. 9-11 – Masters of Tarot weekend at the OMEGA Institute.

Choosing a tarot deck can be a little more complicated than you would expect. You will find that every tarot deck has a different energy, point of view, symbolism and history. Because of this you will find that your connection with every deck will be very unique. To choose a deck that is right for you it’s important to decide what the intention of the deck will be and be able to feel the deck on a physical and energetic level.



Have you ever found a card in one of your tarot decks named “The Happy Squirrel”? The Happy Squirrel is a recent addition to the Tarot‘s Major Arcana cards. It originates from an episode of The Simpsons (Series 6, Episode 17) where Lisa goes to visit a fortune teller.

One of the most difficult things when reading tarot is determining the timing of an event. This is the question that I get asked a lot about querents as well as tarot readers. There’s a few ways that this can be done, some involving knowledge of astrology, and some that don’t need any knowledge at all regarding timing.

Review: Tarot For One

As a professional tarot reader I’m constantly reading books on the tarot and trying to expand and master my craft. That being said, I absolutely hate reading tarot for myself. I find it hard to get out of my own way and end up seeing what I want to see and ignoring what I don’t want to believe, instead of what I need to see. This is a common occurrence with tarot readers, we tend to be able to read other people easier than ourselves because we’re more invested in our own paths so there’s a natural bias. Courtney Weber’s Tarot For One: The Art of Reading for Yourself really helped me get past that. As an occult book worm one of the things that I appreciated about this book was how cleanly the layout of the book was organized, which is not always the case with books on the tarot. The book is illustrated with very clear line drawings of the Rider-Waite-Smith cards which makes it easy to observe what she’s discussing when talking about certain imagery within the cards.

Throughout the book she provides a more intuitive method to explore the cards that is seldom seen in books on the tarot adding more emphasis on your personal connection to the cards than their traditional meanings. One the subject of reading tarot for yourself there are very few books and fewer that are actually good. Tarot For One definitely stands out in this area. Courtney’s writing style is clear and easy to follow, providing a great intro for those completely new to the tarot while bringing enough to the table for the seasoned reader to bring their readings to the next level whether they’re reading for themselves or using the concepts and techniques to read for others. Full of anecdotes and examples, she clearly illustrates and translates her theory into practice for the reader. One of my favorite parts of the book was her touching upon one of the hardest aspects of a tarot reading, which is how to discern whether the cards are talking about you or someone else if that psychic insight isn’t popping out right away. While I will continue to get readings from others as I find other’s insight to be extremely valuable, I definitely feel that reading for myself has strengthened after reading this book.