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Magical Tarot: Your Essential Guide to Reading the Cards

Magical Tarot: Your Essential Guide to Reading the Cards Madame Pamita Candles Baba Yaga

Author: Madame Pamita Foreword: Mat Auryn A master class on the Tarot, especially the Rider-Waite-Smith, written in a fun and engaging tone… Read More

Mat Auryn – Unturned Pages

"Mat Auryn Joins Jenny and Jodi this week on Unturned Pages! Mat Auryn is the multiple-award-winning author of the internationally… Read More

Mastering Magick With Mat Auryn – North Witch Magick Co.

"We had Mat Auryn on the show to talk about his new book Mastering Magick which is a follow up… Read More

Review: The Altar Within

Juliet Diaz has become one of the most important voices in witchcraft today, and her book The Altar Within: A Radical… Read More

Review: The Magickal Botanical Oracle

I have waited for The Magickal Botanical Oracle for so long and the wait was worth it… Read More

Episode 82 – Mat Auryn Talking Mastering Magick – Weird Web Radio

It’s been one hell of a journey! Returning once again to the show to kick off Season 7 is the… Read More

How Do You Master Your Magic? With Mat Auryn | SoulWhat

How do you connect with the moon, stones, plants, candles, and everyday household items to enchant yourself as a powerful… Read More

Review: Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return

Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return Paul Robichaud

Pan: The Great God’s Modern Return by Paul Robichaud is probably the most thorough overview of the Arcadian goat-footed deity ever… Read More

Review: Anatomy of a Witch Oracle

Anatomy of a Witch Laura Tempest Zakroff

I’m not the least bit surprised that I love Anatomy of a Witch Oracle: Cards for the Body, Mind & Spirit by… Read More

Mastering Magick with Mat Auryn – The Witching Hour with Patti Negri

Welcome to an all new episode with your favorite good witch Patti Negri. This week Patti welcomes Mat Auryn. Mat… Read More