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Conversational Witchcraft Podcast Episode 58: Mat Auryn

Always love going on Dawn's show! Here's our latest interview… Read More

Mat Auryn Presents Mastering Your Magick with Psychic Skills – LlewellynCon 2023

Join Mat Auryn as he presents Mastering Your Magick with Psychic Skills during LlewellynCon2023… Read More

New Blood Kickstarter: Witch’s Night (Feat. Michelle Belanger, Mat Auryn, & Fen Alankus)

Michelle Belanger, Paranormal, Mat Auryn

Join Michelle Belanger, Mat Auryn, and Fen Alankus as they explore the magickal world of witchcraft and the paranormal. Learn… Read More

Interview with Psychic Witch Mat Auryn – Mystic Fix Radio Show

In Part 2 of Mystic Fix Episode 19, Julia Gordon-Bramer interviews the psychic witch, Mat Auryn, to discuss his book… Read More

Mastering Magick & Psychic Witchcraft With Mat Auryn – Ultraculture

mat auryn, jason louv, mastering magick, magick.me, ultraculture

Join host Jason Louv as he talks with author and witch Mat Auryn about his new book, Mastering Magick, and… Read More

Inside the Magick Circle ep.26 In Depth Interview with Mat Auryn

"Best-selling author Mat Auryn stops by the Magick Circle to share the story of his journey into witchcraft and psychic… Read More

Psychic Witch – Reviewed by Eclectic Witch Raven

"I hope that this video is going to help you to decide wether you would like to read this book… Read More

Psychic Witch – Review by Alex Rosengarten

A review of Psychic Witch by Alex Rosengarten on Youtube… Read More

Psychic Witch – Reviewed by Rodney Illustrations

Psychic Witch, Youtube, Witchcraft, Magick, Psychic, Books

"The book “Psychic Witch” by Mat Auryn has been received with high praise and much fanfare! It has been embraced… Read More

Witchy Book Recommendations – Mandi

"This is by far not all the books I have read on the subject but these are definitely top on… Read More