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Discover Your Potential at The Psychic Witch Retreat with Mat Auryn

Psychic Witch Retreat at Omega Institute with Mat Auryn

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity at The Psychic Witch Retreat, an immersive experience designed to awaken your full psychic… Read More

Announcing “THE CIRCLE IS podCAST” with Mat Auryn and Rachel True on the Modern Witch Network

Rachel True, Mat Auryn, The Circle is PodCast

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of "THE CIRCLE IS podCAST," hosted by renowned author Mat Auryn and… Read More

Psychic Witch Joins Llewellyn’s Ultimate Bestseller List

Bestselling Witchcraft Book, Psychic Witch book on Llewellyn’s Bestseller List beside classics by Scott Cunningham and Silver RavenWolf

In exciting news for occult books, "Psychic Witch" has just made it onto Llewellyn’s Ultimate Bestseller List within four years… Read More

Mat Auryn on Love, Lust, and Magick With Gabriela Herstik

Gabriela Herstik, Mat Auryn, Going Full Psychic, Love, Lust, Magick, Podcast, Interview

After making it through the fire of the Aries Solar Eclipse, anyone else need a little healing? This week's episode… Read More

The Secrets of Psychic Tarot with Mat Auryn on Weird Web Radio

Mat Auryn, Lonnie Scott, Weird Web Radio. Podcast

Mat Auryn is BACK on Weird Web Radio! And we have great news. Mat has a new book coming out… Read More

Unlocking Mental Magic: A Conversation with Mat Auryn on Opening the Door Podcast

Mat Auryn, Podcast interview, Witchcraft symbols, Tarot cards, Mind power, Occult imagery, Spiritual journey, Podcast microphone, Conversation setup, Opening the Door Podcast

Had a great time chatting with Haley on Opening the Door podcast! Throughout our conversation, we dove into the world… Read More

Mat Auryn and Rachel True Dive Deep into ‘The Psychic Art of Tarot’ on Instagram Live”

Mat Auryn and Rachel True engaging in an insightful Instagram Live conversation about 'The Psychic Art of Tarot,'

I recently had the joy of joining my friend Rachel True on her Instagram Live to talk about my upcoming… Read More

Mat Auryn Explores the Art of Love Readings on SoulTopia TV with Michelle and Roger

Mat Auryn, alongside hosts Michelle and Roger, engaged in a lively discussion about love readings on SoulTopia TV

I recently had the joy of being part of SoulTopia TV, diving into a heartwarming discussion about love readings with… Read More

Unveiling Witchcraft and Writing with Mat Auryn on Ben Stimpson’s Essence Podcast

Mat Auryn and Ben Stimpson engaged in a deep conversation about witchcraft and the art of writing

I had the wonderful chance to join Ben Stimpson on his Essence Podcast recently, where we got to chat about… Read More

Madame Pamita and Mat Auryn Dive into the New Edition of Magical Tarot on Instagram Live

Mat Auryn and Madame Pamita discussing the new edition of 'Magical Tarot' on Onareo's Instagram Live

Here's the recording from when I joined Madame Pamita on Onareo's Instagram Live to discuss the exciting new edition of… Read More