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Empowerment Through Psychic Tarot

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“Going beyond the basics to refine psychic senses, The Psychic Art of Tarot is about alchemizing knowledge and technique to dramatically improve your reading accuracy. This is a handbook for unlocking your genius, truly a must-have for attaining a learned foundation in the art and science of tarot. Mat Auryn is proving himself to be one of the rare luminaries who will come to define this current generation of modern occultism.”

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot and I Ching, The Oracle

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365° view of tarot reading, Guide to divination's intangible aspects, Grounding in tarot, Intuitive vs. psychic, Offering a clear channel, Developing intuitive skills with exercises, Standards for fortune-tellers, Real-life examples in tarot, Energetic forces in tarot exploration, T. Susan Chang, Beyond Manifest to Psychic Tarot, Upgrade from Neopets Tarot, Living Best Life with Psychic Insights, Advanced Manifestation with Tarot, From Neopets to Deep Tarot Wisdom, Empowerment Through Psychic Tarot, Tarot for Personal Transformation, Intuitive Living Beyond Manifest, Neopets Faerie to Psychic Mastery, Mat Auryn's Guide to Psychic Development, Manifesting with Advanced Tarot, From Official Tarot to Psychic Exploration, Transformative Tarot Techniques, Enhancing Life with Psychic Tarot, Tarot Beyond Neopets Faerie Edition, Deep Insights for Best Life Manifestation, Psychic Tarot for Empowered Living, Beyond Video Game Tarot to Real Insights, Tarot for Achieving Life Goals, Intuitive Tarot for Manifesting Dreams

“A 365° view of the practice of tarot reading, The Psychic Art of Tarot has something for readers of every level.. First and foremost, it’s a guide to the intangible aspects of divination: how do I ground myself? What’s the difference between “intuitive” and “psychic”? How do I offer a clear channel and avoid projection? and of course, am I psychic enough to do this? to which the answer is—spoiler alert!—an unqualified Yes. Auryn also offers a wealth of card-based exercises for developing your intuitive chops, thoughtful standards and best practices for fortune-tellers, and fascinating real-life examples that take the reader out of abstract theory and right into the place between the realms where tarot takes place. Highly recommended for those seeking to know more about the energetic forces in play in and around tarot!”

T. Susan Chang, author of The Living Tarot and Tarot Correspondences

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Fills gap in divination space, Intuition-based tarot richness, Archaeologist deciphering metaphor, Beyond traditional interpretations, Essential for all tarot levels, Deserves special place in esoteric library, Game-changing contribution, Nancy Hendrickson, Beyond Work Your Light Oracle, Upgrade from Citadel Oracle, Light Oracle to Psychic Tarot Insights, From Fantasy Oracle to Deep Tarot Wisdom, Empowerment Through Psychic Tarot, Advanced Light Work with Tarot, Mat Auryn's Guide to Psychic Development, Transforming Oracle Cards with Tarot, Tarot for Spiritual Insight, Intuitive Tarot Beyond Work Your Light, Citadel Fantasy to Psychic Mastery, Expanding Oracle to Psychic Tarot Exploration, Tarot for Deepening Spiritual Connections, Enhancing Intuition with Tarot, Psychic Tarot for Light Workers, Advanced Tarot Techniques for Oracle Users, From Oracle to Psychic Tarot Mastery, Deep Insights Beyond Fantasy Oracle, Transformative Tarot for Light Workers, Tarot Mastery for Oracle Enthusiasts

The Psychic Art of Tarot fills a long-needed gap in the divination space. Instead of repeating decades-long traditional interpretations, the author leads you into a world where using your innate intuition allows the full richness of tarot to emerge. Like an archaeologist deciphering a colorful painting within a pharaoh’s tomb, you’ll use your knowledge but with the added magick of intuition to build out a story that goes far beyond the seemingly simplistic picture. Whether you’re new to the cards or an old hand like me, this is a book that deserves a special place in your esoteric library. I only wish Auryn’s book had been around decades ago. Kudos for bringing a game-changing book to the divination community.”

–  Nancy Hendrickson, author of Ancestral Tarot and Ancestral Grimoire

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Fascinating tarot book by Mat Auryn, Lucky to read in this timeline, Invaluable chapter on self-improvement, Quick, clever, well-crafted writing, Deepening tarot practice, Melissa Cynova, Beyond Old Style Tarot, Upgrade from Believe in Your Own Magic, Classic Tarot to Psychic Insights, From Magic Oracle to Deep Tarot Wisdom, Empowerment Through Psychic Tarot, Advanced Tarot Beyond U.S. Games Systems, Mat Auryn's Psychic Development Guide, Transforming Traditional Tarot with Intuitive Practices, Tarot for Personal Magic, Intuitive Tarot Beyond Old Style, Expanding Oracle Magic with Psychic Mastery, Deepening Tarot Skills Beyond Classics, Enhancing Intuition and Magic with Tarot, Psychic Tarot for Magical Believers, Advanced Techniques for Tarot Enthusiasts, From Oracle Magic to Psychic Tarot Exploration, Deep Insights Beyond Traditional Tarot, Transformative Tarot for Believers in Magic, Tarot Mastery for Oracle and Tarot Lovers, Expanding Skills Beyond U.S. Games Tarot

“With The Psychic Art of Tarot, Mat Auryn has written a thoroughly fascinating tarot book, and we’re all lucky enough to live in the right timeline to read it. The chapter on ‘Getting out of your own way’ alone makes this book invaluable for anyone in the esoteric arts. Mat’s writing is quick, clever, and well-crafted, just like him. If you want to take your tarot practice deeper, this is the book for you.“

Melissa Cynova, author of Kitchen Table Tarot and co-host Cardslingers Coast to Coast podcast

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