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Madame Pamita on The Psychic Art of Tarot

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“If you think that you’re familiar with the tarot, prepare to have your mind blown with The Psychic Art of Tarot. Mat Auryn’s innovative approach to tarot will show you how to open up your psychic senses in ways you never thought possible. Mat shares everything that he has learned as a longtime tarot reader, diving deeply into highly effective techniques for accessing the wisdom of the tarot through innovative spreads, exercises, and magical concepts. If, like me, you have dozens of tarot books describing the meaning of the cards, make space on your shelf next to them for this new and fresh view on how to be a more effective reader. The Psychic Art of Tarot is front and center in my own tarot library so I can refer to it any time I need a psychic tune up. I’m sure it will hold that place in your collection as well.”

Madame Pamita, author of Magickal Tarot and The Book of Candle Magic

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