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THE CIRCLE IS podCAST: S1 Ep 4: Folk Magick & Social Media with Madame Pamita

Madame Pamita, Rachel True, Mat Auryn, The Circle Is Podcast, Podcast, Interview

In this lively episode of THE CIRCLE IS podCAST, Rachel True and Mat Auryn chat with the amazing Ukranian-American witch, Madame Pamita. We dive into the world of candle magick, learning how simple flames can work wonders in your magick and the magick of beeswax. Madame Pamita shares stories from her unique journey in magick, including an exclusive story she’s never shared before about the oddest ingredients she’s ever used – trust us, it’s probably not what you expect. We trace her roots back to childhood, exploring her early influences in Ukranian folk magick and witchcraft, and how the legendary Sybil Leek shaped her practices. Ever wondered what a real witchy birthday party looks like? Madame Pamita tells us all about the enchanting birthday party where she taught spellcasting to Cree Summer’s children, mixing fun with magickal education. We discuss how to empower kids with magick, readings, and fostering their imagination and creativity. We also tackle the modern witch’s struggle with social media, from the pitfalls of rage click-bait and fear-mongering serving the algorithm more than it does the witchcraft community or genuine seekers looking to learn online. Finally, we explore the unique magick of your location, and how where you live can enhance your spiritual practice no matter where that might be. Join us for an episode packed with wisdom, practical tips, and engaging stories. You won’t want to miss this conversation with the incredible Madame Pamita!

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