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Melanie Barnum on The Psychic Art of Tarot

Mat Auryn's definitive book, Wordsmith capabilities, Clear explanations for all levels, Enhancing tarot with psychic abilities, Exercises for natural and developed gifts, Heightening awareness and proficiency, Respectful and appreciative tone, Tips for professional psychics, Potential best-seller by Mat, Melanie Barnum

“If you only read one of Mat’s books, let this be the one, though I’m confident you won’t stop here! Mat Auryn has once again shown the world he is a wordsmith, sharing and explaining with clear and comparative language to help the humble beginner and even the seasoned professional understand how psychic abilities can enhance and be enhanced by reading tarot. His exercises take you deep into a joining of your natural gifts with those you develop through practice to help you heighten your awareness and your proficiency, all the while treating you as if you are a friend who he honors with respect and appreciation. Even as a practicing professional psychic for almost three decades, I found tips and ideas that I can utilize to help me provide more detailed readings for my own clients. Kudos to Mat, once again, for what is sure to be another best-seller!”

Melanie Barnum, author of Real Life Intuition

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