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THE CIRCLE IS podCAST: S1 Ep6: Hollywood, Hypnosis & Psychic Addiction with Sarah Lassez

Sarah Lassez, Mat Auryn, Rachel True, The Circle Is Podcast

In this insightful episode of THE CIRCLE IS podCAST, Rachel True and Mat Auryn sit down with the talented actress and author Sarah Lassez. Known for her roles in “Mad Cowgirl” and “Nowhere,” and “Invaders from Proxima B” and her memoir “Psychic Junkie,” Sarah takes us through her fascinating career and personal experiences. The discussion kicks off with spotting scam artist readers and protecting oneself from them. A major focus is on Sarah’s previous addiction to psychic and tarot readings, inspiring her to write “Psychic Junkie.” Together, they explore the toxic co-dependency of the twin flames concept, the emotional state of limerance, and whether psychics can actually predict the future. Rachel and Sarah also discuss life in Hollywood as actresses, sharing insights and stories from their careers.

Sarah’s business, Happy Heart Hypnosis, helps people become their own psychics and break free from co-dependent relationships and addiction to tarot readers. The episode delves into the connections between brainwave states, psychic abilities, and hypnosis. They also share insights on shadow work and Marie Kondo’s methods. Packed with wisdom and engaging stories, don’t miss this insightful conversation with Sarah Lassez!

Sarah’s Website: www.HappyHeartHypnosis.com


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