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Review: The Witch’s Book of Power

With this book, Devin Hunter makes his mark as one of the leading voices of Witchcraft for a new generation. Giving us a peak into his unique Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft, Devin provides the resources to empower ourselves through magick and rise to sovereignty within our lives. The Witch’s Book of Power is an extraordinarily stimulating and provocative book that is impossible to put down. Published by Llewellyn, this gracefully succinct compendium of magick is unlike any other published book on the subject of Witchcraft and is sure to quench the thirst of seekers and seasoned witches alike. I have read, without exaggeration, hundreds of books on witchcraft and the occult. This is truly a treasure for anyone’s magickal library and has become one of my favorite books on witchcraft. I found myself wishing that I had come across this book 20 years ago on my path.

Devin re-explores the theological lore of the Gospel of Aradia, shedding new light upon it and helping us connect with the deities therein; Diana, Dianus (Lucifer) and Aradia. A strong emphasis is placed on creating a relationship with your Familiar Spirit, which he distinguishes from other types of Spirit Guides in the vein of older witch lore. Through unique rituals and meditations we learn to tap into and honor the power sources within and around us, attune to the three souls within us and gain spirit allies along the way. Importance is placed on getting to understand yourself, what frequencies you naturally operate in and a whole section on exploring your astrological natal chart to understand which witchcraft abilities you are naturally predisposed to.