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WitchFest Austin draws thousands of attendees – The Wild Hunt

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I was interviewed for a Wild Hunt article about Austin Witchfest:

“Keynote speakers, authors Danielle Dionne and Mat Auryn were one of the highlights of the event. Auryn’s book, Psychic Witch was released last month and already gone into a second printing. Dionne’s book Magickal Mediumship has an anticipated release date for later this year.

While Auryn gave an informational and crowd-drawing talk, Dionne conducted a popular workshop called Ancestral Magick and Healing that coincided with her book.

When asked about their influences, the two long time friends had shared that Silver Ravenwolf had been a big part of their early development.

Auryn’s topic for his talk, “Magick for All: Witchery from Nothing,” focused on the subject of his book–that with the power of the mind, you don’t need things or objects to perform magic. Auryn also expressed the importance of diving deeper than the esthetics of the “witch look” that people see on Instagram and mistakenly falling under that glamour.

When asked about advice that he had for the practitioners out there, Auryn went on to say, “Do not compare your witchcraft to other people and to focus more on your own practice.””

Read the full article here: https://wildhunt.org/2020/03/witchfest-austin-draws-thousands-of-attendees.html