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Tarot Every Witch Way: Unlock the Power of the Cards for Spellcraft & Magic

Author: Lilith Dorsey

This comprehensive guide to making magick with the tarot is a must-have for witches everywhere, no matter their specialty or level of familiarity. Lilith Dorsey draws from decades of experience as a diviner and magickal practitioner to offer up countless ways to weave the energies and wisdom of the cards into your life.

Tarot Every Witch Way provides an extensive array of magical correspondences witches can use to connect with the cards, including animals, astrology, crystals, herbs, musical notes, and more. You will also receive step-by-step instructions for deeper workings with the tarot, such as making altars, shrines, and crystal grids to help awaken your deck. Featuring a dozen illustrations of tarot spreads as well as recipes for crafts, charms, and tasty foods, this book brings the magic of the arcana into your life.

Includes a foreword by Silver Ravenwolf and words of wisdom from Courtney AlexanderBernadette MontanaDorothy MorrisonMat AurynDeborah Lipp, and Andrieh Vitimus.