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Unlocking potential with tarot

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“Mat Auryn’s The Psychic Art of Tarot shines as a beacon of insight and inspiration for anyone wishing to increase their tarot reading skills with psychic ability. Through Auryn’s strategic inclusion of practical exercises, the book serves as a bridge between the metaphysical and the tangible. Each exercise is carefully crafted to welcome newcomers with open arms, while also challenging experienced tarot readers to polish and refine their skills further. What really sets The Psychic Art of Tarot apart is its integrative approach of blending psychic development and energy work techniques with foundational tarot practices. It invites readers to form a psychic connection with the tarot on a deeper, more intimate level that goes far beyond standard card interpretations. Auryn’s expertise shines through each page, guiding readers with clarity and compassion. This book is the go-to resource for anyone looking to use the tarot to foster personal growth, deepen their spiritual practices, or navigate the hidden corridors of psychic senses. Auryn’s book serves as a comprehensive guide that will enlighten, educate, and enchant. It’s your key to unlocking the incredible potential within the cards and, more importantly, within yourself.”

Alyssa Bartha, author of Essential Tarot Mastery and Essential Psychic Development: A Beginners Guide

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