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Unique narrative in tarot literature

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“Bravo! Mat Auryn has penned yet another masterpiece. His latest work, The Psychic Art of Tarot: Opening Your Inner Eye for More Insightful Readings, distinguishes itself with its inventive approach and refreshing ideas. Having read countless tarot books I sell in my stores, I find Auryn’s narrative to be a breath of fresh air, distinct in its content and style. His thorough research and unique viewpoint are commendable, presenting an innovative fusion of psychic elements with tarot reading, appealing to both experienced practitioners and beginners alike.

The Psychic Art of Tarot guides readers through a groundbreaking method of learning and refining their tarot skills. The book’s structure, mirroring the 78 tarot cards with 78 corresponding exercises, provides a compelling and interactive experience. Having immersed myself in each of these exercises, I can attest to their efficacy. Auryn’s much-needed book fills a gap in tarot literature, offering a comprehensive and detailed exploration of the tarot, intertwining it with psychism. His exercises, augmented by real-world examples, extend our comprehension well beyond the scope of conventional tarot guides. Auryn’s innovative viewpoint is a much-needed and valuable contribution to tarot literature. I believe there is something for everyone in this book. A heartfelt thanks to Mat for empowering us to realize our potential and for once again sharing his enchanting wisdom.”

Michelle Welch, author of Spirits Unveiled and The Magic of Connection, founder of Soultopia, LLC, and orchestrator of  TIDE, NWTS, and RS conventions.

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