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Tools and techniques for Tarot

Mat Auryn classic for modern Witch's canon, Tools and techniques for Tarot, Spiritual path in Tarot practice, Breaking down confusing Tarot concepts, Practices for Tarot readers, Deepening Tarot work, Tarot reader as Oracle, Timeless Tarot practices, Gift to the Magickal world by Mat Auryn.

“Mat Auryn has delivered yet another classic for the modern Witch’s canon. This clean, clear, and detailed book provides not just tools and techniques for the Tarot practitioner, but its own spiritual path. Above all, Mat offers a kind tone as he breaks down potentially confusing concepts into lovely practices. He gently nudges even the seasoned reader to go deeper into their work, and brightly embracing the timeless idea of the Tarot Card reader as Oracle. This is absolutely a book for the ages, and a gift Mat has given the Magickal world.”

Courtney Weber, author of Tarot For One: The Art Of Reading For Yourself

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