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Tarot Reading Evolution

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The Psychic Art of Tarot is an essential cartomancy guide exploring tarot philosophy, divinity, energetic alignment, psychic exercises and immersive meditations all meant to empower your natural intuitive gifts. You’ll never feel alone with your cards again.”

Sasha Graham, author of The Magic of Tarot

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“Mat Auryn’s genius shines again in The Psychic Art of Tarot, a brilliant and highly accessible work empowering readers to accept and leverage their inherent psychic nature through the lens of the cards. It’s a highly unique offering, as there is nothing out there that so comprehensively intertwines tarot divination with the psychic arts. This book is an absolute must-have for tarot enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans. In a rapidly changing world that often disconnects people from their natural intuition, Auryn calls on readers to embrace the reality that they are magical beings in a mundane world who can leverage their innate intuition anytime, even when the cards aren’t right in front of them.”

Maria Minnis, author of Tarot for the Hard Work: An Archetypal Journey to Confront Racism and Inspire Collective Healing


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