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Remarkable integration of Tarot and Psychic abilities

Remarkable integration of Tarot and Psychic abilities, Mat Auryn's expertise in Tarot techniques, Tarot Inner Temple exploration, Working with Tarot Spirit Guide, Tarot Mediumship practices, "What this can look like" sections for practical guidance, Informative and enjoyable reading, Contribution to Tarot and psychic development fields, Guide to becoming a Psychic Tarot Reader, Chris Onareo

“Mat Auryn has accomplished a quite remarkable task with The Psychic Art of Tarot. He has seamlessly woven together two often misunderstood as mutually exclusive topics; Tarot and Psychic abilities. Mat’s expertise shines once again as he shares some of his well-developed techniques to access, explore and commune with the Tarot through your Tarot Inner Temple, meeting and working with your Tarot Spirit Guide, Tarot Mediumship, and much more. The “What this can look like” sections allow the reader to have an idea of the processes in action while still leaving room for the reader to explore the different ways it can look for them personally. The book is as enjoyable as it is informative and serves as a magnificent contribution to both the fields of Tarot practice and psychic development. I invite you to allow The Psychic Art of Tarot to be both your guide and serve as a bridge to familiarize yourself with the once unknown territory of becoming a Psychic Tarot Reader.”

Chris Onareo, Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader, Host of the IGTV shows “Show Us Your Deck!” and “We’re Booked!”

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