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Psychic Tarot for Angelic Connections

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“As a neuroscientist, I always wonder about how the esoteric and spiritual world intersect with metaphysics and cognition. In this book The Psychic Art of Tarot, Mat Auryn opens a window into this intersectional world, while holding your hand as you walk through a series of exercises that help you hone in on your own intuitive powers, using Tarot as the conduit. If you have ever doubted your psychic abilities, this book will at first give you a gentle nudge, then an exciting push, until you dive deep into your own inner workings and discover your potential. Mat is there with you all the way, waiting for you to proclaim – “I believe in my intuition.” A fascinating read, but more so a great guide into exploring and discovering oneself.” 

Siddharth Ramakrishnan, PhD. Neuroscientist, creator of the NeuroTarot deck and author of Neuroscience of Divination

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