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Personal spiritual connections

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“In his book The Psychic Art of Tarot, Mat Auryn expands the world of the tarot from the mundane earthly sphere, to the endless possibilities open and ready to be received in connecting to the spirit world, and to connecting to one’s own personal psychic abilities and energies.  Tarot is a never-ending experience of learning and self-discovery. Understanding the traditional meanings of the cards is a must to lay a solid foundation for a reading, but there is also power and wisdom in opening up to the energies that are here to be of support to us. The exercises in this book offer endless possibilities for today’s tarot readers, allowing the reader to find their own spiritual connections and their personal inner chambers of knowledge. This allows for endless possibilities of discovery and accuracy in one’s tarot readings.  Mat offers up personal stories and experiences that show his individual transformation from tarot reader to psychic tarot reader. These personal stories and the exercises in this book are invaluable. Mat has the ability to write in a personal and easy to understand manner that makes you feel as if he is only talking to you. I am so excited for the birth of this book.”

Ailynn Halvorson, author of The Tarot Apothecary

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