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Historical and personal anecdotes blend

Mat Auryn's new Tarot literature, Intimate narrative style, Historical and personal anecdotes blend, Practical insights for card reading, Elevating tarot reading essence, Tarot chambers for arcanas concept, Eloquent descriptions by Mat, Depth and application in tarot, Regret for late discovery, Ciro Marchetti

Mat Auryn’s The Psychic Art of Tarot, stands as a wonderful new offering in the genre of Tarot literature. Written in an intimate one-on-one narrative style, it seamlessly weaves together historical references and personal anecdotes. The reader is then provided with practical  insights and a discerning methodology that can be applied in practical  ways to elevate the essence of card reading. From a more personal perspective, I was particularly intrigued by the section proposing  tarot chambers for each of the arcanas. A concept I had also envisioned many years ago and therefore could easily relate to, but now through Mat’s eloquent descriptions, are given depth and application. Reflecting on its overall content, my sole regret is that The Psychic Art of Tarot had not been available much earlier in my own tarot journey.”

Ciro Marchetti, designer and creator of the Gilded Tarot Royale and Legacy of the Divine Tarot

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