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Fun and effective Tarot exercises

Must-have for deepening Tarot knowledge, Importance of positive intentions in Tarot, Exercises to connect with Tarot cards, Expanding Tarot card connection, Fun and effective Tarot exercises, Add The Psychic Art of Tarot to spiritual library, Lilith Dorsey

“This wonderful book is a must have for anyone truly wishing to deepen their Tarot knowledge. Auryn stresses the importance of positive intentions when reading, a vital component many diviners ignore. My favorite parts however are the exercises, each one is beautifully designed to help the seeker expand and sharpen their connection to the cards. Crafted to open up every aspect of the seeker, they are both highly effective and great fun. Do yourself a favor and add The Psychic Art of Tarot to your spiritual library.”

Lilith Dorsey, author of Tarot Every Witch Way: Unlock the Power of the Cards for Spellcraft & Magic

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