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Enhancing Intuition with Tarot

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“Going beyond the basics to refine psychic senses, The Psychic Art of Tarot is about alchemizing knowledge and technique to dramatically improve your reading accuracy. This is a handbook for unlocking your genius, truly a must-have for attaining a learned foundation in the art and science of tarot. Mat Auryn is proving himself to be one of the rare luminaries who will come to define this current generation of modern occultism.”

Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot and I Ching, The Oracle

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The Psychic Art of Tarot fills a long-needed gap in the divination space. Instead of repeating decades-long traditional interpretations, the author leads you into a world where using your innate intuition allows the full richness of tarot to emerge. Like an archaeologist deciphering a colorful painting within a pharaoh’s tomb, you’ll use your knowledge but with the added magick of intuition to build out a story that goes far beyond the seemingly simplistic picture. Whether you’re new to the cards or an old hand like me, this is a book that deserves a special place in your esoteric library. I only wish Auryn’s book had been around decades ago. Kudos for bringing a game-changing book to the divination community.”

–  Nancy Hendrickson, author of Ancestral Tarot and Ancestral Grimoire

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