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Easy-to-follow steps for readers at all levels

Shift from card meanings to internal energy development, The Psychic Art of Tarot reintroduces practices for enhanced readings, Unlocking tarot's psychic dimensions, Mat Auryn's expert guidance, Easy-to-follow steps for readers at all levels, Supercharging tarot readings, Boosting psychic abilities, Simple exercises for revitalizing card connection, Fresh perspectives on tarot practice, Journey of discovery in tarot reading skills, Mary K. Greer's recommendation, Mary K. Greer

“With the dominance of social media sites as a major source for learning tarot, emphasis has shifted to finding meanings for the cards and away from the disciplined development of your internal energy systems that create an environment most conducive to healthy, balanced ways of reading the cards. This book, The Psychic Art of Tarot, remedies that. It brings back and introduces practices that will enhance your readings in a wide variety of ways.

You’ll unlock the psychic dimensions of tarot with Mat Auryn’s expert guidance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced reader, Mat offers easy-to-follow steps to supercharge your tarot readings and boost your psychic abilities. Dive into simple yet powerful exercises that will revitalize your connection with the cards, providing fresh perspectives for your tarot practice. Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery as you deepen your tarot reading skills.”

Mary K.  Greer, author of Tarot for Your Self

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