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Deepening oracle relationship for better readings

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“Everyone is psychic, although most of us don’t use our psychic ability as fully as we could. The tarot, as author Mat Auryn points out, is a psychic art; working with the tarot simultaneously draws upon your intuition and strengthens it. The tarot is also a form of divination––when you do a reading, you receive guidance from the divine realm as well as from your own inner knowing. Unlike many books about the tarot, The Psychic Art of Tarot doesn’t give interpretations of the individual cards. Instead, Auryn teaches you how to deepen your relationship with the oracle in order to get more from your readings. In the process, you’ll also deepen your relationship with yourself. Throughout The Psychic Art of Tarot Auryn provides original spreads, exercises, techniques, practices, and meditations to help you develop your insight and your facility with the tarot. I particularly enjoyed those that combine other psychic arts such as scrying, remote viewing, dowsing, and mediumship with reading the cards. His knowledge of witchcraft and magick adds yet another level of understanding and enriches his discussion of the tarot. Auryn’s writing style is clear, instructive, elegant, and thoroughly engaging. Even if (like me) you’re a seasoned tarot enthusiast and already own dozens of books about the oracle, this one belongs on your shelf.”

Skye Alexander, author of The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot

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