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Concept of innate psychic abilities

Reading tarot not limited to gifted psychics, Fresh perspective by Mat Auryn, Concept of innate psychic abilities, Comprehensive manual for psychic skill development, Practical exercises for tarot readers, Valuable guide for all interest levels in tarot and intuition, Significant contributions by Mat Auryn in magick, Instant classic in tarot and psychic development, Theresa Reed

“Some assume that reading tarot is only for the gifted psychics. Mat Auryn’s latest book, The Psychic Art of Tarot, opens (third) eyes with a fresh perspective. Auryn states that ‘everyone is psychic,’ however many are not accessing their full potential. This comprehensive manual contains practical exercises designed to help tarot readers develop their psychic skills. Even those with only a passing interest in tarot or intuition will find this book a valuable and thorough guide on all things psychic. Mat Auryn has made significant contributions to the field of magick – and now, with this book, he delivers an instant classic for tarot and psychic development.” 

Theresa Reed, author of The Cards You’re Dealt – How To Deal When Life Gets Real: A Tarot Guidebook

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