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Approachable creation in Tarot

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“Mat continues to prove himself a fountain of knowledge, but more importantly, a curious soul. His love of exploration creates the unique insights of The Psychic Art of Tarot; a blend of philosophy, psychology, and history that warms my nerdy little heart. Countless times, I’ve had hunches and brief flashes of insight that I couldn’t put into words, only to find that Mat has already explored and written on these experiences in exacting detail. These uncannily relevant observations and deep-rooted historical foundations make his latest creation one of the most well-researched, and simultaneously most approachable, creations of modern Tarotology. Reading the Tarot is truly an art, but explaining and teaching it even moreso. Today, Mat gives us a master class.”

Arthur Wang, artist and creator of the TrueBlack Tarot and Ephemere Tarot

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