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Silver Ravenwolf on Psychic Witch

"Mat Auryn magick techniques," "Silver Ravenwolf recommendation," "Modern occult study," "Magickal information volume," "Crafting prose in occult books," "Balanced view of science and art in magick," "Easy occult instructions," "Game-changer for modern practitioners," "Must-have occult books."

“Delightfully written, Mat Auryn crafts compelling prose that shows his caring and dedication to the reader. He provides refreshing techniques and easy to understand instructions that combine a balanced view of science, art, and knowledge in occult study. A volume rich with magickal information – a definite game-changer for today’s modern practitioner – absolutely a must have for your personal library!”
– Silver Ravenwolf
Author of The Witching Hour, Solitary Witch, and To Light A Sacred Flame

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