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Silver RavenWolf’s foreword to Mastering Magick

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In my book Psychic Witch, I dedicate the book to the four most influential witchcraft authors of my life at the time of reading it; Laurie Cabot, Devin Hunter, Christopher Penczak, and Silver RavenWolf. I wrote:

” Silver, your work opened up a world of possibilities when it came to magick and witchery for me as a child. Your work alone was a gateway that jump-started my path of spirituality. Most of all, I learned not to limit my dreams based on what seemed “realistic.” As a child, I would tirelessly (and sometimes obsessively) copy the information from your books with that little crescent moon on the spine into my own notebooks and eventually my first personal Book of Shadows. I dreamed of someday writing and publishing my own book with that Llewellyn logo on it, and here I am with my own, having achieved what seemed unrealistic. Thank you for the monumental impact that your work has had on my generation of budding witches and those before and after me.”

I  eventually worked up the courage to ask her if she would honor me with a foreword to my follow-up to Psychic Witch, which I hadn’t had a title for yet. To my delight, she agreed. Sometimes I wish I could time-travel to my childhood self, just starting out on the path of witchcraft with my RavenWolf and Cunningham books, and tell child Mat what the future holds. I’d probably not even believe it. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real now, it definitely feels surreal – and I’m in a constant state of gratitude and awe at what my life has become.

Writing the follow-up to Psychic Witch was not easy for so many reasons (I’ll save that for another post). But during that whole time I had several people close to me who helped to encourage, inspire, and share their advice in dealing with similar difficulties. I also had Silver doing the same, despite never meeting her in person yet. Silver became an invaluable source of encouragement and support while I wrestled with the manuscript, myself, and the world at large. So without further ado, I would like to share with you the beautiful foreword that she honored me with for Mastering Magick.

 ” The journey of personal transformation begins with, “I choose.”

I choose to open my mind. I decide to explore the answers to mysteries—of life, of possibility, of myself. I seek fulfillment, change, success, freedom, knowledge, healing, peace …

I choose.

I decide to connect with others along my path. Mentors, authors, friends, craftspersons, artists, musicians, poets, visionaries, partners, business owners, ritualists, and those who offer kindness rather than discord.

I choose … to dance the web of our connection, to balance on the strands of light that lead me to the tools I can use to elevate my spirit.

And as I learn, those around me soar with my success and become successful as well, or they fly away.

They choose what they feel is right for them. And I honor that.

I embrace.

I embrace new experiences, new ideas, new ways of personal performance. I am giddy with gratitude for the miracles I have experienced.

The healing. The love. The joy.

The success. And I learn that the moment is the magick. That the breath is the power of connection. That the key … is me.

I discover that my true triumph lies in the accomplishment of those who I help. When I choose to open the door for someone else? That is a power that cannot be beaten.

And thanks to Mat’s efforts, his love for his readers, and his respect for his path, you will find the tools to such unlimited power in Mastering Magick. His work will assist in forging you—your embodiment of the marvelous, glittering key that will move forward with confidence, joy, and success.

It is up to you how you will integrate his compelling information into your life and where you will ultimately take it. Not only has he provided valuable techniques that you will return to time and again, but he has also added contributions from some of today’s top magickal minds—people who have generously provided exciting additions to this book in their fields of expertise. These folks include the delightful and knowledgeable Christopher Penczak, the dynamic Jake Richards, the talented Laura Tempest Zakroff, and the powerful Madame Pamita, as well as the wisdom of Storm Faerywolf, and more.

From embracing your own power to preparing your mind, from recognizing the science of intelligent energy to aligning your sacred space for optimum success, awakening your ritual tools, and strengthening your will, Mastering Magick provides a well-constructed path with plenty of room for personal exploration.

Science! Timing! Shielding and warding and powerful protection magick—a compendium of relevant topics to enhance your practice and elevate the vibratory essence of your work. What a marvelous addition to your magickal library! I am sure Mastering Magick will quickly become a prized go-to on your spiritual journey!

Don’t wait! Dive in! This is a foreword, after all. So, let’s move ahead with joy and embrace Mat’s divine inspiration on the mastery of self! The next exciting chapter of your life awaits!

Peace with the gods
Peace with nature
Peace within
So be it.”

Silver RavenWolf