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Real-Life Witches Defend ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ From ‘New Wave’ of ‘Satanic Panic’ – Newsweek

Was featured again by Newsweek:

Our culture has become more educated when it comes to non-mainstream spiritual and religious beliefs, occult teacher and witch Mat Auryn wrote to Newsweek. These days, witch depictions tend to me more nuanced.

Tropes like wicked witches with warty, hooked noses and long, pointy hats had previously long prevailed.

But a sort of “new wave” of the satanic panic seems to be rearing its ugly head, said Auryn, who wrote the newly released Mastering Magick.

The still-fun film sequel emphasized that there can be “good witches” and explored themes of redemption, he said.

“Unfortunately, the folks who seem to embrace the satanic panic tend to be the ones who also embrace baseless conspiracy theories about politicians, Hollywood, or antisemitic beliefs about lizard people running things,” Auryn said. “So, unfortunately, there will always be those out there who consciously choose to be willfully ignorant of reality.”

Read the full article here: https://www.newsweek.com/real-life-witches-defend-hocus-pocus-2-new-wave-satanic-panic-1752574