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Crafting Clarity and Precision in Tarot: The Research Behind ‘The Psychic Art of Tarot

psychic development for tarot readers - tarot reading techniques
When I explore a new non-fiction book to potentially dive into, I scan the Table of Contents followed by a direct shift to the Bibliography. This strategy allows me to discern the author’s foundational ideas, their intellectual and experiential backdrop, and the origins of their sources. The bibliography offers insights into the book’s reliability and the thoroughness of the author’s knowledge as it pertains to whatever topic they’re writing on. It lets me know which vantage point that they are addressing their subject. Bibliographies are also important because they allow the reader to do even more research on the topic after they finish reading the book.

Inside The Psychic Art of Tarot Bibliography: Unveiling the Foundation

In that spirit, I offer you a glimpse into the bibliography of my upcoming book, The Psychic Art of Tarot, inviting you to discern the foundation upon which this work is built to give you a sneak peak of where I’m coming from in my own perspective and background for this particular book. While a lot of the techniques in the book were developed over the many years of reading the tarot both privately and publicly and slowly crafting ways to incorporate intuition, psychism, mediumship, remote viewing, and energy work to gain the most precise tarot readings possible, I’m also an avid reader and researcher.

Elevating Tarot Readings

My hope is that The Psychic Art of Tarot will appeal to any style of tarot reader and change their perspectives about certain ideas within an intelligent and approachable framework. But most importantly that it provides them the tools and techniques to really elevate their readings into new levels of precision and clarity that they may not have realized were possible.

Bridging the Gap in Tarot Literature

Though I’ve read and own more books on tarot, these are the ones I either specifically referenced, quoted, cited, credit, or influenced The Psychic Art of Tarot. I’m really confident that I’ve written a really unique tarot book that hopefully fills a necessary gap in tarot literature and study.

The Psychic Art of Tarot: Bibliography


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