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Mastering Magick with Mat Auryn – The Witching Hour with Patti Negri

Welcome to an all new episode with your favorite good witch Patti Negri. This week Patti welcomes Mat Auryn. Mat Auryn is the multiple-award-winning author of the internationally best-selling Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick, and Manifestation, translated in over ten languages. This episode we’re taking about his new book Mastering Magick: A Course in Spellcasting for the Psychic Witch. Mat’s is a witch, an occult teacher, a highly sought-after speaker, and a retired professional psychic based in the Bay Area of California. All that plus Where’s Patti? The Willow Report and all new magick lesson. Have a wonderful week from your friends at The Witching Hour.

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