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Jason Miller on Psychic Witch

"Beyond information overload in witchcraft," "Exercises for witchcraft senses by Mat Auryn," "Jason Miller's endorsement of Mat Auryn," "Accessing powers beyond the ordinary senses," "Direct experience of magic powers," "Stretching mind and soul in witchcraft," "Guide to gaining magical senses," "The power of magic by Mat Auryn."

“In this age of information overload, it is possible to spend every moment of every day reading rituals, spells, and craft lore. But there is more to being a witch than just being well-read. A witch must stretch their mind and soul to be able to know what lurks behind the veil of the ordinary senses. With a straightforward style, Mat Auryn lays out the exercises you need to give you direct experience of powers most only read about. If you follow this guide, you will gain access to senses that leave no doubt about the power of magic.”
– Jason Miller
Author of Elements of Spellcrafting and the Strategic Sorcery courses

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