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Instascam: Fraud and the Online Occult Community – The Wild Hunt

An article about the Instagram imposters committing fraud and identity theft in the occult and spiritual community.

“In his article How to Spot a Spiritual Impersonator Scam on Instagram (And What To Do), author Mat Auryn describes his personal experiences dealing with multiple of these fake accounts and gives several useful tips for how to spot a fake, as well as what actions to take once they are spotted. He offers screencaps of nearly a dozen fake accounts, each pretending to be him, and describes how a few of his followers were fooled into scheduling readings with the imposters before being blocked by the scammer and subsequently left with their wallets lighter than before, to the tune of hundreds of dollars.”

Read the full article here: https://wildhunt.org/2021/12/opinion-instascam-fraud-and-the-online-occult-community.html