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From Vivianne Crowley to Mat Auryn: Five Upcoming Books We Have On Our 2022 Witchy Wish List – Female First

Mastering magick was mentioned on the website Female First for the five witchcraft books they’re looking forward to!

“After his incredible 2020 debut Psychic Witch, Mat Auryn follows up with a companion book on casting spells entitled Mastering Magick. It’s really for all those “students” who completed the exercises in Psychic Witch, and are now looking for meaningful ways to use those new skills. It includes over 60 spells, some of which were written by some of the most iconic witches of our time from Christopher Penczak and Storm Faerywolf, to Astrea Taylor and Madame Pamita. We’re excited to read Mat’s instructions on bridging the gap between worlds and more modern ways of connecting with tools, elements and seasons among other things.”

You can read the full article here: https://www.femalefirst.co.uk/books/witch-books-2022-pre-order-mat-auryn-vivianne-crowley-ronald-hutton-1338682.html