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Christopher Penczak on Psychic Witch

"Psychic Witch by Mat Auryn, Christopher Penczak endorsement, Develop psychic and magickal skills"

“I have known Mat Auryn for many years and watched him grow and evolve as a psychic, magician, witch, and most importantly, as a human being, thanks in no small part to the techniques he’s learned and put into practice, those same techniques he has shared in this book Psychic Witch. Drawing from many streams of wisdom that compliment and illuminate each other, he has crafted his own system for a new generation, bringing them together for the reader into a harmonious and helpful text to now help you grow your own psychic and magickal skills and evolve on the crooked path of the Witch.”
– Christopher Penczak
Teacher and Author of the Temple of Witchcraft series, City Magick and The Mighty Dead

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