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The Underworld Beer Bath

One of my favorite cleansing baths is the beer bath. While I’m not positive where this practice originated, Raven Kaldera writes that it’s… Read More

My Gods Are Wild And Alive

I don’t quite understand those who worship gods and assert that they must be confined solely to their historical attributes… Read More

Working With The Ancestors

Honoring and working with those who came before us is a tradition as old as religion itself. Ancestors are some… Read More

Things To Consider With Witchcraft Books

Anyone that knows me or that follows my… Read More

Review: Ascension Magick

What can a witch learn from the New Age movement? Is there anything in the Ascension paradigm that can benefit… Read More

What If Witchcraft Isn’t Real?

A question that I’ve been meditating on lately is, “What if Witchcraft isn’t real?”… Read More

Food Offerings & Libations To The Self

Most of us are familiar with the concept and practice of offering food and libations… Read More

UDP&R: The Wooden Tarot

The Wooden Tarot by A.L. Swartz is a gorgeous deck with some really interesting perspectives.  … Read More