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Call for Submissions – HEKATE: Timeless Titaness

Mat Auryn and Vivienne Moss are seeking submissions for Hekate: Timeless Titaness, a massive anthology in honor of Hekate. Submissions are currently open. We are looking for a wide variety of entries on Hekate from a wide variety of devotees and practitioners of different paths. All pieces must be entirely original works of the creator. Potential topics include:

– Historical Pieces
– Pre-Greek Origins of Hekate
– Classical Era Hekate
– Exploration of Hekate in Mythology
– Exploration of Hekate’s Ancient Temples, Shrines & Devotees
– Hekate of the Chaldean Oracles
– Hekate in the Greek Magical Papyri and Curse Tablets
– Hekate in Modern Witchcraft
– Hekate in Neo-Paganism
– Hekate in literature and plays
– Devotional Hymns, Prayers & Poetry to Hekate
– Rituals, Meditations, Spells centered around Hekate
– Personal spiritual experiences with Hekate
– Musings
– Retelling of Myths
– Artwork

But we’re open to anything interesting as long as it’s focused on Hekate.

Submissions should be sent as an attachment of either a DOC file (for artwork JPG or PNG) and contain no footnotes (please use endnotes for citation). Submissions should be in Time New Roman font at 12 points font size. Please include a working email, the name that you want attributed (ie, Pagan Name, Magickal Name, Pen Name), your legal name, the submission title, a 200 maximum word bio including any websites and make sure the subject line of the email says “Timeless Titaness Anthology Submission.”


Vulture Pennyapple
John Doe
“Hekate – The Torchbearer”

Bio Example (Except, perhaps not as silly):

Vulture Pennyapple is an untraditional and unconventional Witch, a hobgoblin enthusiast and a devotee of a deity whose name rhymes with absolutely nothing, so please stop asking. He lives in someplace in Kentucky you’ve never heard of with his four turtles, a sock puppet and his eternal loneliness. He is the author of Pennyapple Paganism and has written essays for several books on the Goddess in relation to pennies and apples, but most of all pennyapples. He enjoys hiding from the sun and applying copious amounts of mascara on his mannequins. He is the official oracle of the spirits of vultures when he’s not busy telling everyone on the internet that they’re doing witchcraft wrong. You can learn more about him and his confusion at www.website.com 

Contributers will receive a free PDF of the book when it’s complete as well as a chance to purchase the book at the cost of print.

Please send all submissions to timelesstitaness@gmail.com

Deadline for Submissions is December 1, 2017