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Here at the Astrarium there is no emphasis on any particular tradition, religion or path but rather on eclectic spirituality and mysticism. Drawing from the Wisdom of Ancient Mysteries, Natural Shamanism, Religious Mysticism and the anchoring revelations of the New Age – The Astrarium is an elixir of all things esoteric. It is our aim to help translate these esoteric and sometimes abstract ideologies and methodologies into practical applications for the modern individual’s everyday use.

Traditionally, an Astrarium is a place or tool for observing and tracking celestial movements across the heavens. The word Astrarium is derived from the Latin root “astrum” meaning stars, which happens to also be the same root as the word “astral”. The Astral is a broad term (varying upon a tradition’s definition), basically referring to the non-physical counterpart of physical reality. In mysticism it is believed that everything that is physical is a creation based upon a blue-print within the Astral. The mystic believes that by effecting the Astral, one affects reality within the physical – whether it be through prayer, meditation, positive thinking, ceremony or direct astral projection.

Our concept of the Astrarium is that this is a place for observing, pondering and musing the Astral – the non-physical aspect of reality and its relationship to the mundane. It is our hope that the Astrarium will be a tool to help empower people to begin responsibly wielding a new dream for the planet and to begin manifesting a higher blueprint.