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Announcing “THE CIRCLE IS podCAST” with Mat Auryn and Rachel True on the Modern Witch Network

Rachel True, Mat Auryn, The Circle is PodCast

We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of “THE CIRCLE IS podCAST,” hosted by renowned author Mat Auryn and acclaimed actress and tarot expert Rachel True. This new podcast, hosted on the Modern Witch Network, is set to premiere this summer and promises to be a fun, conversational exploration of witchcraft, psychic development, and magick.

“THE CIRCLE IS podCAST” brings together the combined expertise of Mat Auryn and Rachel True. Mat Auryn, author of the best-selling book “Psychic Witch,” is known for his groundbreaking work in psychic development and witchcraft. Rachel True, celebrated for her roles in “The Craft” and “Half & Half,” and author of “True Heart Intuitive Tarot,” offers her deep knowledge in tarot reading and intuition.

Listeners can expect engaging and lively discussions on a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of magick and tarot to psychic ability and spiritual growth. The podcast will feature interviews with some of the most interesting minds in spirituality and occultism, including metaphysical authors, tarot experts, musicians, and actors. With their approachable and conversational style, Mat and Rachel make exploring the mystical arts both accessible and enjoyable.

Join Mat Auryn and Rachel True this summer for the premiere of “THE CIRCLE IS podCAST” on the Modern Witch Network.

About Mat Auryn:
Mat Auryn is a psychic witch, author, and occult teacher. His is the author of “Psychic Witch,” “Mastering Magick,” and “The Psychic Art of Tarot.

About Rachel True:
Rachel True is an actress, tarot expert, and author. Known for her roles in “The Craft,” “Nowhere,” “Half-Baked,” and “Half & Half,” she has also made significant contributions to the world of tarot with her book and tarot deck “True Heart Intuitive Tarot.”

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