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25 of the Best Witchy Listens to Cast a Spell for Halloween – Audible Blog

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Was excited to find out that Audible featured Mastering Magick in their recent blog about the best Witchy listens for Halloween.

Whether you’re looking for a listen about witches or a deep dive into the very real world of witchcraft, these listens are sure to get you into the spooky spirit.

Mastering Magick

Professional psychic and occult teacher Mat Auryn offers a practical companion to 2020’s Psychic Witch with his brand new guidebook, Mastering Magick. Containing more than 60 spells focusing on magick that connects the seen and unseen world, this listen will help you get in touch with the elements, the moon, the planets, and the seasons to tune your abilities. Newcomers to the practice will also appreciate Auryn’s actionable advice on the mechanics of effective spellcraft.