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True Heart Intuitive Tarot

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Like his other books, Mat’s work remains layered, dense, and deeply substantive while still remaining accessible to all. To create as comprehensive a Tarot compendium and guide to psychic activation as Mat has means his work is surely destined to reside among the modern classics in the field. His breadth of knowledge and his innate and learned abilities are second only to his preternatural ability to connect with and champion the awakening of magic and psychism in others. Mat does not simply write words on a page for you to ingest. He infuses his books with his energetic life force and his elemental magic. This book is a perfect example of just that.”

Rachel True, actress and author of The True Heart Intuitive Tarot

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Honored to have been listed on actress, author, and artist Rachel True’s Reading List on the West Hollywood bookshop, Book Soup.

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