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Advanced Tarot Books - The Psychic Art of Tarot by Mat Auryn

“Mat Auryn’s The Psychic Art of Tarot is among the best teachings on tarot I’ve read.  From now on, this is what I’ll recommend when beginners ask for a book to learn tarot from.  Like the author’s other works, this one gently guides the reader through a series of simple but deceptively deep exercises, providing a scaffold of practice appropriate for beginners, but also for experienced readers.  I did some of them with my coven.  Not only was it terribly fun, but also, even though all of us are experienced readers, everyone felt like we learned a lot from them.  10/10 recommend for both new readers who want a great foundation and for more experienced folks looking to challenge themselves.”

Sara L. Mastros, author of The Sorcery of Solomon and The Orphic Hymn Grimoire

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