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Unique Approach to the Tarot - The Psychic Art of Tarot by Mat Auryn

“In a world of books claiming to give the reader a new outlook in reading the tarot, The Psychic Art of Tarot by Mat Auryn actually offers a different approach to gaining more intuitive readings by adding psychic development to traditional interpretations. Acclaimed psychic author, Auryn, has urged one and all to open the “inner eye” and plunge head-on into a transformative journey toward more insightful tarot readings. The book will be useful not only for people who want to develop psychic abilities but also important for the mystical to act as a bridge to daily life. It is, therefore, an important addition to the library of a tarot enthusiast, seasoned or a newbie to this art.

As an author, there are books I aspire to write and then there are those I wish I had written myself. Mat’s book falls into the latter category. Several years ago, I wrote a book that was published in French titled The Energy of the Tarot. Later, Llewellyn Publications released another work of mine about The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis, which delved into the connection between the Tarot and its associated energies. Over time, various authors have touched upon this significant but often invisible dimension of the Tarot. I was astounded by the depth and comprehensiveness of Mat’s work on this subject. Without a doubt, this is a book I enjoy reading, keep close by, and return to regularly.

Auryn’s tale is littered with personal anecdotes, proof of their decades of work as professionals in the field of tarot and psychic counseling. His determination to share the knowledge can vividly be seen all over the book, as he makes a deep journey to approach psychic tarot readings, giving practical exercises, and techniques to the reader. It is something that I would like to see: many exercises, clear, and precise. This is something fun and useful. One common idea appears: the author is sure that anybody may develop his psychic potential, and there is no “chosen one” to do that. Auryn, instead, argues that everybody has psychic potential when developed under proper guidance and practice.

The book is very practical in nature. It is not surprising that Auryn gave many exercises for her readers in order to increase their psychic abilities; they are meant for different types of reading tarot cards. The exercises are not just theoretically based but also based on the practical experience of the author, thus providing readers with an easily applicable course along their daily routines. This is a very pragmatic approach, in the respect that they make sure readers do not just sit down to get spoon-fed with knowledge but become active participants on the journey of their psychic development.

Another feature that can be found in The Psychic Art of Tarot is its focus on moral consideration. Auryn guides one through the moral implications of reading tarot with a depth and sensitivity that one can only learn from doing it for many years. This encourages people to take their practice with honesty, respecting the other people they are reading for. This ethical framework adds an additional layer of seriousness to the book, reminding readers with the responsibility that comes from the wielding of psychic abilities.

All this taken together, one should add that Mat Auryn’s The Psychic Art of Tarot is a quite interesting book, and no doubt, it will greatly help in many to take a fresh look at tarot card reading. This information marries psychic development with traditional practice in tarot, and it is an integrated approach to divination. Experience meets with expert guidance from Auryn, and his sincere goal to give this power to the readers turns the book into something more than just a guide but rather makes it a tool for personal growth and psychic exploration. Packed with exercises, ethics, and practices, all in accessible language, it’s a book that is sure to fast-secure a place of its own as a must-read for anyone interested in Tarot and psychic development.”

Jean-Louis de Biasi, Grandmaster of the Ordo Aurum Solis and author of The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis: Using Tarot Talismans for Ritual and Initiation

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