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Mat Auryn, alongside hosts Michelle and Roger, engaged in a lively discussion about love readings on SoulTopia TV

I recently had the joy of being part of SoulTopia TV, diving into a heartwarming discussion about love readings with hosts Michelle and Roger. We took a close look at the fine points of delivering heartfelt, accurate love readings and the nuances of receiving these insights with openness.

“Join Roger and Michelle with special guest Mat Auryn! Mat is a witch, professional psychic, occult teacher, and author of the book “Psychic Witch.” Is psychic ability a gift or does everyone have it? Is there a relationship between psychic ability and magick? Learn more at auryn.net If you have questions, feel free to ask. Roger & Michelle will also give a prize if there are a certain number of active listeners…so invite your friends. They will also offer live readings. Watch live on our SoulWhat page for giveaways and readings! You can also listen to SoulWhat on @MichelleSoulTopia YouTube, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.”